Blog Sale!

I’ve decided to sell a few things and before I unleash it to the crazy world of CraigsList, I wanted to post them for sale on my blog first!  If you or anyone you know is interested in anything I have listed, please shoot me an email at with “Blog Sale” in the subject line, or you can use the Contact Me form through my website!

UPDATE:  Everything has been SOLD!  Thank you for your interest!!

Nikon D90 Body Only

This was my first DSLR – I’m sad to let it go, but I am upgrading to a full-frame body for my backup camera.  This camera has been everywhere with me!  To Europe, California, New York, Boston – it shoots beautifully and it is an awesome first camera for anyone who is serious about learning photography.  It also shoots HD video which is super fun!  The camera is in amazing condition, especially considering it has been by my side for over 3 years!

I will also throw in an SD card-reader and an 8GB SD card for anyone who buys the camera!

AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm 1.8

SB-600 Speedlight

I will accept payment by check (preference) or paypal.  There will be a $15 flat fee for shipping anywhere in the US.

Thank you to everyone for helping spread the word and for purchasing my equipment!  I’m so relieved that I was able to sell it all through the blog instead of having to interact with strangers on CraigsList!


omg. just sent you an email.

The D90 was my first camera as well! I have switched to Canon since but just can't part with my first baby yet!

Tyler Herrinton

Upgrading to the D600?

Tyler – no I use a D700 and plan to keep using that as my primary body – I am replacing my D90 with a D600 for my backup body and for video work though!

Tyler Herrinton

Oh yeah, thats what I meant. Upgrading from the D90 to the D600. I'm super tempted to sell my 60D and buy a 6D. We'll see what happens! Pretty exciting to see both Nikon and Canon release "affordable" full frame cameras tho!

my first camera is D90 as well! I have switched to Canon since but just can't part with my first baby yet!

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