February’s Features

February was another really exciting month for me and my wonderful couples!  Many people have asked me recently about having my work featured and if I’m surprised by it or if I knew it was coming.  95% of the time, I know because I submitted the work to that blog or site to be featured.  I’m notified when the editor approves it and I’m given a date.  Many times, the bride is also contacted to give more detailed information about the wedding day.  It’s rare that anything is a surprise, unfortunately, but this past month… I had one BIG surprise.

In January, Casey & Jared’s wedding was featured as the “Wedding of the Day” on Wedding Channel’s site.  I was SO excited and really happy that their hard work and creativity was being shown off to the masses.  I knew that Wedding Channel was a partner with The Knot, but I didn’t know how deep that partnership really went.

You can only IMAGINE my excitement when, on a quiet Friday afternoon, my phone lit up with a notification saying, “The Knot has tweeted you”  I practically lept off the couch and RAN over to my computer.  I could not believe what I saw… THE KNOT had featured Casey & Jared’s wedding online!  AHH!  This is one of my big dreams-come-true!  I was genuinely surprised by this feature, which made it that much sweeter.

One of my BIGGEST dreams this year is to have a wedding featured in print.  It’s a really hard task to accomplish, and I’ve been afraid to even speak it outloud because I would be embarassed if it never happened… but I’m not afraid anymore to admit that I’m dreaming BIG over here.  It’s scary to speak it outloud because then you really feel like you have to DO it, but I think that is the point, right?  It’s not 100% in my control, but I’m going to work as hard as I can to see that dream realized sometime in 2013:)

Here’s a peek at the excitement from February!

Casey & Jared were on THE KNOT!!


Katelyn & Casey’s classic DC wedding was featured in two parts on United With Love!


Becky & Ray’s beautiful wedding was featured on A Paper Proposal!


Claire & Tyler’s beautiful Towson wedding was featured on Charm City Wed!


Ali’s adorable maternity pictures were featured on Grey Likes Baby!

Thank you so much for celebrating with me!  I am always so thankful for your love and support during these exciting times!  Have a WONDERFUL Monday!:)


GO REBEKAH! I love how much of an emphasis you place on getting your gorgeous clients featured throughout the interwebs- I can only imagine how blessed they are to have you as their photographer!


Congrats on the Knot feature (and of course all the other blogs)!! How exciting!! You so deserve it!

Congratulations on so many features girl!! That's awesome!! Also, fun side note, I saw that maternity photo floating around on Facebook and knew I'd seen it somewhere before, so I followed the link back to Grey Likes Baby and back to your blog!

Go Rebekah! Love all of these features!

YAY! Love all these!! Congratulations!! :)

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